Helping a national brand act like a local retailer through a hyper-targeted, templated approach.

They Said

As a massive, national brand, we’re having trouble reaching people on a local level. We want to compete more directly with local retailers, but we’re not sure how to go about that. Can you help?

We Said

It definitely isn’t easy, but as it happens, localized advertising is our specialty. We’ll have to figure out an innovative way to leverage our combined resources in a way that sets you apart. And if all goes well, this is about to be a game changer for your brand.

Insight #1

We need to land on an approach for efficiently customizing creative in a way that can be easily tailored by location. And it definitely needs to resonate on a personal level.

Insight #2

We can leverage the reach of our parent company, Nexstar Media Group, and their 174 local broadcast stations covering nearly 39% of US households (NBD) to support our efforts.

The Idea

To highlight individual stores in a way that resonates with their communities, let’s choose 25 local heroes to experience the upgrades. We’ll pair each hero with a local influencer, send them on a shopping spree, and document the entire experience. Then let’s blast each unique experience across local paid social and broadcast stations.


The creative was completely flexible. The asset, geographic location, copy, and even the platform was tailored for each placement. Everything could be dynamically generated, allowing these to run in the most strategic places at the most effective times. Talk about hypertargeting.

Best of All, It Worked

Heck yeah it did. Not only did our ads beat all of the client’s benchmarks, boasting a 28x return on ad spend and 11% ad recall rate, the success of the initiative was also cited as one of the most promising signs for a company turnaround by Forbes. (super casual)