It’s more than just a buzz word to us.

It’s more than letting dogs roam the office or pulling out a beer cart on Fridays. (Although we do both of those things.) Culture at HYFN means coming to work ready to work. We don’t go through the motions. We don’t just show up. We come locked and loaded.

Seats at our tables are earned by hard work, not tenure. And yes, we ask a lot of our people. We also give a lot in return.


Owen Masback
Sr. Interactive Developer
Blake Berge
Strategic Partnerships
Scott Burton
Chief Technical Officer
Sarah Jacobson
Product Manager

Meet our parents

Their name is Nexstar Media Group. And they’re awesome. As the owners and operators of 171 local broadcast television stations they’re able to reach nearly 39% of US households, allowing us access to over 100 million viewers monthly. Together, we help national brands make waves and gain fans on a local level.


We’re Always in Good Company

We chose to partner with Hyfn because they are leading the digital game and have pushed us to think differently. The revamped global website has increased traffic twofold and significantly reduced our bounce rates.

Patrick Baskin
Senior Global Brand Manager