Helping an e-commerce powerhouse step out from the shadow of Amazon by providing purpose and flow to their web experience.

They Said

We have independent marketing and purchasing websites as well as separate mobile and desktop versions. Plus people are buying on Amazon and we’d really rather be drawing customers to our site. Sites. It’s a whole thing.

We Said

That certainly is a whole thing, but we can definitely come up with a solution. Since Amazon just lets people buy things, we need to make sure your site  isn’t just another place to shop. Also, could we maybe get a couple of TRX trainers? Purely for research purposes.

Insight #1

The TRX trainers are freaking awesome, but the average consumer doesn’t know that. It could easily thrive on its own merits, but those merits need to be clearly communicated. Yay education!

Insight #2

Amazon is not a good site to sell TRX trainers. Having a static photo of them against a white background just makes them look like confusing jump ropes. Let’s create dynamic, engaging visual content that shows the trainers in use so consumers have context and TRX looks as cool as it is.


To capture the quality, functionality, and sheer versatility of TRX products, we did a full multi-location lifestyle photoshoot. These new photos clearly demonstrated product value, revitalized the TRX website, and overall just looked really freaking cool.

The Website

To craft an experience that’s comprehensive, informative, and as effective as the training itself, we constructed TRX’s new site with a clean interface, content-rich pages that demonstrate product value, and an intent widget that asked visitors a few simple questions in order to guide them to the products that best fit their needs.

Telling a Story

The website was designed to function like a narrative—visually drawing people in at the beginning, then substantiating the benefits before narrowing down into product offerings.


TRX’s website wasn’t the only thing we optimized. We amped up the social advertising with videos and cinemagraphs that showed off product use in eye-catching, informative, and inspiring ways. This drove brand awareness through the roof, which we capitalized on with dynamic product ads and retargeting in order to achieve impactful results.

Best of All It Worked

Our work revitalized TRX’s stagnating sales, surpassing previous goals and consistently providing a 10x return on ad spend.