Developing a social campaign from scratch in order to launch two independent product lines.

They Said

We’re launching two new products, each with their own specific target audience, and we’d like a social campaign that hits on several objectives. Can you help?

We Said

Bringing products to life on social is what we do. Let’s hit the ground running. Also, that’s the only shoe pun you get.

Insight #1

New Balance hasn’t run made-for-mobile ads before. Optimizing their creative for social will help us reach their target audiences in fresh new ways.

Insight #2

Since these are both brand new products, we need to roll out the campaign carefully in several phases. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll also need to deliver against online and offline sales objectives.

The Idea

Leverage brand assets, in-house production, and influencer activations in a multi-stage campaign that will raise awareness, encourage product consideration, and finally drive sales.


When it came to our ad placement, we left no digital stone unturned. We delivered organic and paid, across several platforms, using a variety of ad types. We did all the things. We also coordinated with New Balance to ensure assets were available for their retail partners, ensuring a cohesive creative ecosystem.


We also carefully sourced six influencers who would synergize with New Balance’s brand and appeal to the products’ target audiences. They provided uniquely branded content showing off the style and versatility of the two new lines, which we then blasted across social channels at multiple touch points.

Best of All, It Worked

Not only did our campaign produce well above average ad awareness and drive record levels of traffic to New Balance web properties, the products themselves became sold out for a period of time. If that doesn’t say successful campaign, we’re not sure what does.