Generating buzz about not driving buzzed by reimagining the traditional PSA into something that’s fun, engaging, and relatable.

They Said

Everyone knows drunk driving is bad, but a lot of people still think it’s okay to drive buzzed. We want to create a memorable campaign that starts a conversation around preventing buzzed driving.

We Said

What if people are driving buzzed because they don’t even realize they’re buzzed? What if we refocus the conversation on knowing when you’re buzzed and therefore shouldn’t be driving?

Insight #1

Talking about how you could die is a bit of a downer. Scare tactics like this make ads off-putting rather than engaging.

Insight #2

Drinking is a fun, social activity, so our campaign should be the same. That way, we can make the subject more relatable and a lot easier to discuss.

The Idea

We are creatures of habit, especially when drinking. Dancing randomly, texting our exes, telling our friends how much we love them—we all have a “tell” when we’ve crossed into buzzed territory. This gave us the perfect way to start a conversation about realizing when not to drive.

To keep the spots lighthearted, we pushed them to an almost satirical level while still keeping the behaviors grounded in real-life situations. You related to at least one of them, don’t lie.

Social Series

The idea wasn’t limited to the spots, either. Across social platforms, we called out additional warning signs and created a series of ads styled after traffic signs people typically associate with warnings. Please note that any resemblance to the actions of our own employees is purely coincidental.

Best of All, It Worked

The commercials went viral. And while we know that word gets thrown around a lot these days, we have proof: over 7 million views within the first week, feature articles on Multivu and PRnewsWire, and 7th place on AdAge’s viral video chart.